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Teaching Philosophy


Use all the possible communicate ways 

Teaching students in cello performance includes specific cello techniques, musical knowledge, practice guide, emotional feeling and tone color of music and many others. In a limited lesson time, letting students catch the detailed contents of music effectively require for teacher to use all the creative ways of communication.  Each student has different way of understanding teacher’s instruction. It is important for a teacher to find the best way for each student to give them the best instruction in the moment. 

Demonstration, explaining by words, singing, letting them touch, giving visual imagination


Geography in the instrument 

To express the music freely through the string instrument-especially the cello which is big size, understanding the instrument and learning the distance of interval and place of registration, how the bow works depends on several factors and how to move our finger efficiently is important. Helping students to be intimate with cello instrument is essential. 

instruction on position practice, Scales and Arpeggios, and various bow practice 


Big and small Performance Motivations

For majoring string instrument, it is highly important to keep working on progress. To motivate their endurance, performance is the best. Keep giving them an advanced goal with big concert or competition would help student's passion. And on the the way to the goal, small motivations like studio class and small performance would be necessary. 

studio recital or class, big competition, audition


Understanding of the contents in the music 

Help students understand the whole picture of the music is 

Understanding of the Structure and phrasing would help students'  

Score study and finding structure of the music 


Divide practice for Performance

Section by section practice and study the section with deep and detail consideration is important, but helping their presenting ability also should not be ignored. Letting student to divide practice time to Performance (Running through) time and fixing time.

Recording will be great for the running through time. 

Recording time and fixing time


Ensemble ability 

Experiences is the only way to get the sensitive ability to listen other instruments including strings,piano, and woodwind. To help students' ensemble ability, only way is letting them have numerous experiences of playing with diverse instruments. There is no other way for that. Letting them have diverse ensemble experiences including piano,strings and woodwind, helping them to have a sensitive response to play in a group.

Regular experience of various types of ensemble is necessary. 

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